Mirjam Kuitenbrouwer

In large, room-spanning installations or in small sculptures, in collages, drawings, photographs and video works, artist Mirjam Kuitenbrouwer, born in Nijmegen in the Netherlands in 1967, analyses the construction and the perception of space. A collection of images of everyday items and fixtures and fittings as well as architectural representations of interiors and exteriors provides the Arnhem-based artist with material and point of departure for her theoretical research of space which she opens up to the beholder through visual experiences. Thus Kuitenbrouwer uses magnifying glasses, concave mirrors or a camera obscura to examine the depths of the complex relationship between physical visual processes and perception mechanisms. Alternatively, she embeds camera housings into small-scale sculptural landscapes, as in het work “Mountain-Fountain, Montblanc, hommage cottage”, before which viewers themselves become the object of observation.


Montblanc Cutting Edge Art Collection
Catalogue, 2007, p. 82
(translated from German by Thomas Carlsen)

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